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Friday, October 17, 2008

Chicken Abortion. No, really.

We figured out the rubbish concerning different cords in school today, which is nice. And to think, I came close to not having to make a trip to Guitar Center.

Thank. God.

Also heres an email I got from him at lunch:

I just asked Henri for some equipment>I can do everything but the colored lighting and I still have to look into blacklights...>Multiple camera angles may work... But I am not sure how well, I only have 3 cameras and one has a very short wire so I have to figure that out>They came and removed the broken stereo box from our media room, so I have to see if we can run sound directly to the amplifiers, but they may have a new box by halloween eliminating that problem I am assuming we will be doing the test the week before halloween then the actual webcast on the saturday after halloweenOther than that I seem to have everything figured out over here,

1 comment:

Adam said...

Awesome, man I'll keep an eye on this blog. Go Black Lights!