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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here's an Egg remix contest now online!

This is so great! I can update my website without evening going to Tripod now!

So yeah I've made a remix contest for the "Here's an Egg" song. Download the samples here. The only basic rule is that your remix must include a provided sample from "Here's an Egg." There is no limit to how many remixes you may submit, and you must submit your remix to . There is no set due date but don't let that stop you from being hasty. Prize(s) for best submissions are tbd but will rock. Remixes will be judged on creativity, use of samples, musicality, and originality. Each sample is split from the actual song, so there may be empty spaces where that particular instrument is not playing. Maybe you want to make a sweet four-on-the-floor dance version, or maybe your band wants to create a heavy rock version. Or maybe you just want to use it as an excuse to make fun of me. I really don't care. Just make sure to have fun with it :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poetry *and* LEGOS

Oh, these trees
This ground and these seas
They sing to me a wheezing song
They gasp in fright and confusion
What went wrong?
Was it the herds of people
The clouds of dark and tar
The forests of metals, concretes, landscapes, things
Social sciences
A computer in every pocket
A laser beam in every house
To keep the unwanted out
And because its required by law
We thought we had it made
But our oceans turned red
And our skies black
So what went wrong?

I would be a lovely atom bomb
To desecrate the earth and its terrible orifices
Left pockmarked by piss and rubbish
I would be a lovely atom bomb
To wreck the institutions
And leave their ideals stretched thin across a landfill
I would be a lovely atom bomb
Soap in the eye of society
Bloodshot in the heart
To clean the slate for god to start anew
I would be a lovely atom bomb

Also check this out:

Part 1 is available as well here

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Awesome news

So I finally found a way to embed this blog into my website... if your reading this from the Frostbite Studios site, then awesome! FBS and Cold Frozen Isle have finally become one! It only took me, what, three or four years to find out you could do this? Anyway. I'm back from what I'll pass off as a hiatus, induced by acting in the play... I was Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. So now its back to work, I want to start doing more film stuff cause the results never cease to be hilarious. I'm also going to hella work with the KrispyKon live band soon (the new one, unfortunately the band I discussed in "2008 in review" fell apart save Henri, AJ, me, and Chris on camera instead of bass.) I've got a bunch of lights and animations assembled for the performances. I'm even thinking of implementing super-old material from KrispyKon's back catalogue for fun... but we'll see. Hopefully. For now, I gotta go find a way to fix the Arctic Thesis video on youtube, I just discovered I uploaded the one with the old version of the song by mistake. cheers