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Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it fall or winter?

Cause today was friggin cold. Anyway, I have two surprising new things for YOU! I made a colouring book as a joke for a friend, so now I'm deciding to upload the scanned images for you guys to download and print and colour on your own :) and I went through my old clothes to find a Frostbite Studios hoodie I had made a couple years ago on CafePress... seeing how its fall now (or apparently winter) I've started to wear it a lot more now and thought itd be cool to offer it to you guys as well! :) (please keep in mind I know cafepress is extremely expensive and I am NOT trying to sell you a product like a mindless TV ad)

Other than that, I've been buckled down lately with a FULL LENGTH movie I'm working on for my film class starring Chris currently called Danny Dreamland as well as a lot of stuff with my real band which is called Hundred Meter Trees. We have a show coming up on the 23rd if you happen to live round the Seattle area. Have a good halloween all of you if I don't get a webcast going or something to celebrate! :)


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