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Sunday, January 10, 2010


So I'm working on a movie called Danny Dreamland with Chris and a bunch of other buds for film class. Its gonna be a half hour long and we're almost done filming it. Editing has been superb, its so much fun too! It follows the story of a dude named Danny whose toolish uncle Toby moves in with him after his hosue is forclosed. Danny doesn't like this one bit, no he doesn't, so he decides to throw a concert in his garage in order to raise money to buy back his uncles hosue. Along the way he is guided by inner versions of famous Seattle-ites in crazy dreams more often than not involving graphfruit and ninja zombies (no joke, I did write this after all.) Anyway, it should be done in about two or three weeks, at which point I will release it online for your viewing pleasure. SO! Thats whats be taking up my time! In the meantime, I recommend you kick back, drink some iced tea and listen to the soothing nylon sounds of Michael Gotz, who has lovingly agreed to license his music for the film. Chao!


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