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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a small update...

The Icily Polite have been working hard on a new record for the last two months, and as of yesterday the word is that all recording is finished! Now all we have to wait for is artwork and distribution to be taken care of. The record will be entitled "Earthen Sighs," and you can hear one song from it in the previous post. You can also see the track listing right over at Chris Chrippled's blog.

In other news, I went to the Dominican Republic for two weeks on a mission trip, which was really truly humbling. I stayed with a host family, built hosuses, all that... I also filmed the whole thing with a Flip video camcorder (finally got one, huzzah!) Unfortunately, the software I'm using can't properly edit the video files that the Flip takes, so I'm trying to scrounge up money for a new, better program. Because, y'know, film of a third world country wouldn't be interesting on Youtube or anything. New laptop, the new FL Studio, Flash, new video editing program... good thing my birthday's coming up.

As far as this website goes, I cleaned it up a bit. There is no more "old news" page. I updated the links and the FAQ and the contact page and all that. Also, today we have seen the decline of a Frostbite Studios veteran: the Advice from a Guy in Tights page has officially been brought down. We would like to thank Mr. A Guy in Tights for his long four years of servitude to the visitors of this site, and may he continue to wear tights and give his famous advice in his retirement.

For now, pickles.


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