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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New music video out and wouldja look what Adam made!

Hey. Sup. So there's a new music video out for The Icily Polite's song "Suburban Pledge" over at their constantly-changing website, as well as an amped-up preview of it that's been thrown onto YouTube. You should totes give those a look, specifically the first one cause from what I understand you can now download the first seven tracks of Earthen Sighs on that same page for FREE. Now isn't that nifty? Of course, don't let that divert your attention from the awesome full-fledged Expanded Edition of Earthen Sighs, with its luscious four exclusive bonus tracks, full-colour lyrics, artwork and liner notes and exclusive upcoming digital benefits.


In other news, Adam's new movie "The Time... Guys" is out now! I did the theme song for it (you can find the free download link either in the blog post below or in the "downloads" section of the site) and I was utterly offended at what Adam did with it in the final cut. Just kidding, it was awesome. You can watch part 1 of "The Time... Guys" here and part 2 here.

Enjoy, my comrades.


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