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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woah. Hold the phone.

A video for Song of the Century recently got, uh, made. Along with a Vimeo account for Frostbite Studios. Which is pretty cool I guess, Vimeo has a very clean and artist-oriented layout, so it's nice. I also put Dad's Experiments up there, just fyi. As always, if you'd like to download "Song of the Century" as an mp3 for free, go check out The Icily Polite's website.

On a different note, summer's coming up! I'll be working on more video projects and stuff, I simply cannot wait... I already have an idea for a video that I shall call I Am A Bear. The title was suggested to me by my grubbly friend Mike a little while ago, I figure it might be worth a shot.

In the meantime, check this out. It's me playing a song I wrote for a Chemistry project. All about Chemistry. Cause I'm cool. Special thanks to Harrison for shooting this!


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