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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poetry *and* LEGOS

Oh, these trees
This ground and these seas
They sing to me a wheezing song
They gasp in fright and confusion
What went wrong?
Was it the herds of people
The clouds of dark and tar
The forests of metals, concretes, landscapes, things
Social sciences
A computer in every pocket
A laser beam in every house
To keep the unwanted out
And because its required by law
We thought we had it made
But our oceans turned red
And our skies black
So what went wrong?

I would be a lovely atom bomb
To desecrate the earth and its terrible orifices
Left pockmarked by piss and rubbish
I would be a lovely atom bomb
To wreck the institutions
And leave their ideals stretched thin across a landfill
I would be a lovely atom bomb
Soap in the eye of society
Bloodshot in the heart
To clean the slate for god to start anew
I would be a lovely atom bomb

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