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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here's an Egg remix contest now online!

This is so great! I can update my website without evening going to Tripod now!

So yeah I've made a remix contest for the "Here's an Egg" song. Download the samples here. The only basic rule is that your remix must include a provided sample from "Here's an Egg." There is no limit to how many remixes you may submit, and you must submit your remix to . There is no set due date but don't let that stop you from being hasty. Prize(s) for best submissions are tbd but will rock. Remixes will be judged on creativity, use of samples, musicality, and originality. Each sample is split from the actual song, so there may be empty spaces where that particular instrument is not playing. Maybe you want to make a sweet four-on-the-floor dance version, or maybe your band wants to create a heavy rock version. Or maybe you just want to use it as an excuse to make fun of me. I really don't care. Just make sure to have fun with it :D

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